PACE Online
  • The Launch of the Collaborative Culture Assessment

    After years of Research & Development Silverside is proud to launch the Collaborative Culture Assessment as the first module of PACE Online. Silverside is known for the PACE methodology to increase User Adoption Microsoft and IBM platforms. PACE Online is the new platform to make these proven services and accumulated knowledge available and accessible to everyone-from whatever they are, and at a price point that makes sense.
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The Collaborative Culture Assessment

The Collaborative Culture Assessment is a method used to profile an organization’s culture and predict collaboration behaviour based on individual assessments using an online survey. It uses a proven psychological model and logic based on the work of Carl Gustav Jung and Daniel Ofman, experience with hundreds of companies worldwide and more than a decade of research and development by internationally acclaimed collaboration experts associated with PACE®.

The computer online generated profile will first describe the organization as a person based on the total survey. Then it will plot the outcome of specific questions on a eight different collaboration personas. based on this, the quadrant will give a compass of qualities, pitfalls, challenges and allergies. The outcome, plotted on the four standard company culture definitions, leads to specific advice for running an implementation project within the organization and tips for the required change management to reach maximum user adoption. The report ends with an overview of the balance between Introvert versus Extrovert focus and Thinking versus Feeling decision making.